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Division of Guidance and Psychological Counseling

Hacettepe University Psychological Counseling and Guidence Department department has undergraduate, graduate and doctoral programs. Programs are aimed at solving compliance problems of students especially in educational institutions; organizing relationships between students, their families, their teachers and peers; aiming to increase awareness and communication skills of individuals; training councelors who providing psychological counseling and guidance services for individuals. The programs are trying to provide the knowledge and skills necessary for working with individuals who have adjustment problems and developmental difficulties and protecting well-being of individuals. The program also provides professional skills in the development, organization and implementation of psychological counseling and guidance services in different institutions to graduates.

Teaching is carried out through lectures, conferences, and by applications such as psychological counseling with individual and group students, psychological testing and individual psychological counseling. In addition, as part of their training, students are required to do field work in schools. The evaluation of the students takes place through written and oral examinations, psychological counseling practices, term projects, project presentations and group work.

Graduates of the program can work freely as psychological counselors, in state and private schools, in guidance and research centers, in psychological counseling centers in universities, in psychological counseling and rehabilitation centers in military units.